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Professional Development and Technical Assistance


"Thank you so much for the leadership role you took as the presenter of the workshop. I have a better understanding of what my attributes are in relationship to my co-workers. "  Employee, Chesapeake Bay Utilities

Why Educere?

The Educere Institute offers content, tools, and consulting to help businesses, nonprofits, and communities thrive in their environment. Professional development is a collaborative effort to foster increased knowledge regarding leadership, team building, cultural competencies, communication and conflict resolution. Through a process of inquiry, dialogue, and other tools, we will serve as a thought partner to help organizations to examine and develop decision-making, experiment with new ways of thinking and being, and commit to action steps that will help professionals to achieve their goals. Any one of the training's can be customized to fit an organization's needs. 

Why professional development?

 “We’ve been talking to our existing clients and other professionals who work with distressed populations and we have learned that there is an increasing need for professional development that not only addresses the needs of the populations that they serve---but for the workers themselves.” says, Educere Director, Jennifer Clement. “We’ve also seen that information and resources are needed by those in businesses and other organizations that are struggling with how to manage the issues that arise with their employees, customers and business partners.” 

Interested in Professional Development?